Simple Checkbox

If you want to provide people the option to give their consent by ticking a box, the simple checkbox is the right building block to use.
It can, for example, be used to get the consent for a newsletter subscription or a privacy policy.
Video walktrough of the Simple Checkbox block.

Embedding Links

In the text of the Simple Checkbox you can include links as HTML-tags, such as: <a target="_blank" href="">terms and condition</a> . The result will only be a linked text, all that is inside the < and > will not be shown.

  1. target="blank" ensures your link opens in a new tab.

2. Replace the highlighted area with the address of the page you would like to be linked to instead.

3. Edit the default 'terms and condition' to alter the displayed text.

Edit Options





Require the user to tick the box before navigating.


Select the maximum width of the block.


Define the distance to the top, right, bottom and left of this block.

System Label

See System Label.

System Answer

See System Answer.